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‘The grass looks always greener on social media’

For me this is one of those blogs where you literally sh**t yourself before you click ‘publish’.

I thought a lot about whether to write this blog or not as I’m always trying to be a source of enthusiasm and positivity for others. I know one of the reasons why many people dance (or just basically have any hobby) is to free their minds of their daily tasks. It might be their only “me time”, or the only thing they look forward to that week and of course it’s important that the leading members of the group or community set an example with their positive attitude.

Along my journey of building the ‘Dance Fam’ I have learned one thing; even though you can’t see it from the outside everyone has their own story, everyone has their own insecurities & their own struggles. It is an extremely heartwarming and satisfying feeling for me to know that these classes make everyday life that bit easier for so many of the girls, including me.

We all know life happens and it’s ok not to be ok sometimes. But what’s most important is to know that it is ok to talk about it. In this blog I would like to share something more personal & something I’m sure lots of you may relate to.

People tend to compare their lives with others and often forget that social media is about enhancing your life and making everything look amazing – with the help of right filters and hashtags of course.

The truth is, why would anyone want to share on social media something hurtful that they’re going through in their life? Understandably people rather share the happy times when they’re on holidays, traveling, when they are on the nights out, with friends or their loved ones having fun.

I’m sure we all know that, but yet somehow we still allow ourselves to fall victim to these ‘instagram perfect’ posts sometimes and then we wonder why our lives aren’t like that.

Nobody should measure their life against anyone else’s. The former American president Theodore Roosvelt once said “Comparison is the thief of joy”.

We should always remember we’re all human and each one of us is unique, with different personalities, abilities, gifts and circumstances. We each walk different paths and we all have seperate mountains to climb.

On the outside, and according to my social media, my life is perfect too. And don’t take me wrong, I absolutely love my life and I am thankful every single day for everything I have.
I’m counting my blessings every single day when Im waking up to my beautiful, happy, healthy little boy who is my whole world. I also feel very lucky and grateful for having loving family and friends, a career that I love and the fact that I’m also able to travel and explore the world. But the truth is, I also suffer from anxiety from time to time.


How is it even possible?

Do you know that feeling you get in your stomach just before an exam, or before a speech at a very important meeting?

Imagine having that feeling, with the difference that it just doesn’t go away.

I’m sure everyone has come across a teacher, a lover or even a friend at some point of their lives, who would constantly tell you things you really did’t want to hear. Something that worried you, something that gave you that horrible feeling in your stomach.

The good thing about people like that is that you can actually walk away from them and eventually forget about their negative comments, but when that voice is coming from your own head, you can’t escape.

Deep down you know they’re just your own negative thoughts and you shouldn’t worry about them but the reality is that it is much easier said than done. The thing about anxiety is that there doesn’t actually have to be anything ‘wrong’. Sometimes it just takes over and you can’t control it.

I think generally I’m a very positive, happy, life-loving person and I genuinely love my life.

But yes, sometimes I worry about things I shouldn’t.

I don’t think it makes me weaker or crazy – if anything, I believe it only makes me human.

I know there are multiple different ways of improving the anxiety symptoms, and I’m by no means an expert in this field, but I have learned what helps me and what I need to do, when I start overthinking, worrying or simply when I feel like I’m getting anxious and that is TALKING!

Talking my worries out, sharing them with someone who I trust, no matter how silly they might be, is something that always helps me.

It always makes me feel at ease and somehow relieved, and it also makes space in my head for the positive thoughts and all the positive things that I’m so grateful for in my life.


Thankfully my anxiety is only mild and I know there are millions of people who suffer with anxiety on much worse levels than me and I’m also aware that on social media my life looks always perfect.

The reason why I wanted to share this story is that you never know what’s going on in other people’s lives. So try and don’t judge a book by its cover – or a person by their social media pages, because…

‘The grass does look greener on social media’.

If you in any way relate to this post or have a story you’d like to share, please do so, I’d love to hear it.


Vicky x

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