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‘BEHIND THE SCENES of our Dance Video Shoots’

What makes our dance classes special and that little bit different from other types of dance classes around us surely are the dance videos we shoot at the end of each term.

It is very motivating for the dancers to work towards something like their own dance video and also it is very rewarding to see the final product of our hard work, weeks of practice and rehearsals that goes into it.

On top of all that, these video shoots are also always such a wonderful experience for everyone involved, full of laughter, fun and bonding. Something that started as a simple recording of the dance that we learned with the purpose of the students having something to look back at became much bigger, much more professional and much more exciting than I have ever anticipated.


During our very first term back in May 2016 when we danced to Justin Timberlake’s song ‘Can’t stop the feeling’, I got the idea of ending the term with a fun dance video shoot. I thought it would be a lovely way of remembering the classes and the girls would have something to look back on as a nice memory.

So we did it. It was quite simple with no big preparations or planning. We simply wanted to capture the moments of fun while dancing to the song we had just learned.

The vibe and energy during the shoot was so good though. I felt like this is something we should definitely keep doing. It was fun, it felt great and all girls were nervous at the start maybe you could say camera shy but all that went away ten minutes into the shoot. Everyone enjoyed it and I could see how exciting it felt for the girls to star in their own dance video. So after a quick chat with Kamal (the videographer) I decided we would do this after each term.

And here we are. It is now October 2018, two and half years later and we are just 3 days before our 29th dance video shoot. YES! 29. How crazy does that sound?

Its been such a crazy journey. We’ve danced and captured 28 different songs and choreographies since that very first shoot. And the best part of it all is that it has become such a special thing.

The dance shoots have become mini social events where all girls and boys from the class get together to have an afternoon or evening full of dance, fun, laughter and lots of special moments where memories are made. It’s like the cherry on top of each term. The time when everyone become closer, gets to know each other better and even though the idea of a video shoot might sound ‘scary’ for those new dancers who have just joined the group it is the best part of the classes. Despite the level of professionalism in the videos there is absolutely no pressure. There are lots of cuts, breaks, acting and fun shots done in the process so even if the dancing is not perfect or you make a mistake you’ll get plenty more opportunities to get it right and your mistakes are never seen in the final video.


I guarantee you that once you pop your video shoot cherry you’ll see how great the experience is and it will be the highlight of each term for you.

We always have so many exciting things planned for the day of the shoot and there’s always a sense of excitement and anticipation as the day of filming comes around but since our first video shoot a lot has changed.


I think the moment when it all changed was at our third shoot, ‘Uptown Funk’ when we decided to re-enact the original video. The reaction to the video was priceless with hundreds of people interacting only hours after it was uploaded to our youtube channel and facebook.

The opening of the video was a shot-by-shot remake of the original video with more iconic scenes throughout and since that point these originally simple dance videos became much bigger. Since then the dancers automatically without any instructions have started to make sure that the costumes are on point and on theme for every video shoot. Also much more attention goes into production design, props and decorations. Everyone is absolutely amazing. What makes it all even more special is the social aspect of it all. Everyone always bring some nibbles and drinks and often there is an ‘afterparty’ planned for the whole Dance Fam after the shoot is wrapped.

It is always a great experience, because we all work together as a team with one goal.


Its a blessing to be able to work with an incredible team who is always able to capture the feeling of the dance we do.

And witnessing the amazing progress of everyones own dance journey is just so inspiring and a real feel-good moment for me.


Vicky x

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