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‘How to stay motivated this autumn’

It’s quite well known the weather can affect our emotions, our mood, how we’re feeling on a daily basis and also how we enjoy spending our free time. It is scientifically proven, we all feel much more energised, positive and also more motivated during summery sunny days, whether it’s fitness or just basic every day tasks. Everyone feels somehow happier when the sun comes out.

Autumn is a season of change. The leaves change colours, it gets darker much earlier and temperatures start to drop. For lots of people autumn is a favourite time of the year.


When it comes to fitness we spend a lot of spring and summer working out, but then autumn arrives and for the most people motivation drops straight down. As the days get shorter and colder we tend to trade our workouts for treats and an hour of exercise for an episode of our favourite TV show.

And I can very much relate to that. I’m definitely not an exception and I also find it much harder to stay motivated in the winter months, just like everyone else.

The tricky part is that with all of the things mentioned above (even though they sound lovely), it’s very easy for us to slip into

‘not so healthy’ lifestyle which plays a huge role not just for our physical but also our mental health and maintaining a sense of well-being. People often lose their mojo, get lazier when it comes to exercise and overall lose that fitness motivation they had leading to and through the summer months.

However, it doesn’t always have to be that way. There are plenty of enjoyable ways to stay active during cold months and if you’re anything like me and you’re looking for this little extra fitness motivation, maybe some of these tips will work for you too.

1. Group exercise

For me personally, finding support from group exercise and embracing events and activities are the key factors in staying motivated and fit through the transition.

When you find group exercise that works for you but most importantly the one that you enjoy, you don’t only find a way of working out but in most cases you also find your tribe. And for me one of the ways to stay motivated is knowing you will enjoy what you do with like minded people.

It’s not only a nice support network but it’s great for keeping you on track – because just at that time when you’re thinking about cancelling you think “I don’t want to miss anything or let anyone down” – The ‘FOMO’ is sometimes too big and gives us that little push we just needed.

And once you’re there, you’re happy you’ve done it because you always come out of the class really buzzing.

2. Rewarding yourself

Another tip I’d have would be rewarding yourself. After the class I just love getting into a warm bath. And then maybe having a nice treat while sitting on the couch with my feet up, drinking a cup of tea.

And why not? You’ve done it and then this is your reward.


3. New workout gear

My third tip will probably sound completely crazy, but it definitely works for me, so I’m just going to leave it here. I always get that extra boost to get up and get moving when I get some nice new workout gear. Can anyone relate?

I know wearing workout clothes outside the gym or outside the class is very trendy these days, but there is definitely something else to it. As I didn’t want to sound silly saying workout clothes can motivate (anyone else but me), I’ve done some research and I’m not wrong. The science suggests sportswear gives psychological as well as physical boost. So yes, sometimes a new pair of leggings or a sports top can do wonders for your motivation. It certainly does for me.


4. Planning your day

And the last but not least tip that works for me is setting the goals and planning the day.
Every day when I finally land on the couch and put my feet up, I take my notebook and write simple bullet point list of ‘to do’ things for the next day. It always makes me feel more organised and somehow relaxed, knowing I’m ready for the day. And I’m not gonna lie, even though it happens from time to time that I don’t do a thing or two from the list, I strive to not cancel anything and push myself even when I don’t feel like it at that point, as I know that it is something I have planned for myself for a reason. And also, when you’re feeling a little overwhelmed, every tick feels like a small victory.

Do you have any tips? Is there anything that works for you to stay motivated these colder months? I’d love to hear it all.

Vicky x

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