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‘My top 7 reasons why I think you should dance’

Why do I think everyone who enjoys dancing, should take a chance & join a dance group?


Dancing is everywhere these days. Dancers are all over television, in movies, out on streets, in flash mobs, in theatres, clubs and gyms. Literally everywhere. Almost daily I come across people who watch others perform and I hear them say “I wish I could dance too”, but they are too afraid to take lessons or to join the group. They are afraid because they might think it’s too late for them to start now or that they’re not good enough and lots other reasons. But let me tell you something. It’s NOT too late. It might be the perfect time, the perfect opportunity and if you have a chance, you should definitely grab it cause you never know how amazing it can turn out to be.

Wayne Dyer said: “ When you dance, your purpose is not to get to a certain place on the floor, it’s to enjoy each step along the way”. And it couldn’t be more true. Great dancers aren’t great just because of the perfect technique, they are great because of their passion. Just like with everything else, once you love what you do, once you enjoy dancing and it makes you feel good and you’re passionate about it, no matter if you’re getting the steps right or no, you automatically switch on your inner glow, your energy and vibe are infectious and your outer beauty soon catch on!

When I was about 12 years old and first started as a dancer in the Dance Theatre group, I was training 4-5 times a week and I literally couldn’t wait for that time of the day. No matter what happened that day, what mood I was in, I was always looking forward to 7 o’clock.

I couldn’t wait to dance, to get better each day, to learn something new, to progress, to work hard to earn my spot in the new exciting choreography, to see my dance friends, to laugh, to just do what I really enjoy doing.

I absolutely love how dance makes me feel & the fitness part of it is obviously a great bonus.

db6b6c_cf230f93a58344549abe2acf02a9f3aa~mv2If you’re anything like me & you love dancing, but you’re not sure if it’s too late to start now, I’d like to share with you what the main reasons why I love dance are for me and why I think you should definitely give it a go and dance too.


We spend so much of our lives making sure everyone around us is happy and that’s obviously not a bad thing. Helping our friends and our loved ones makes us better and stronger people but still, it’s nice to be the center of attention every once in a while. To give yourself some ‘me time’. When you come to your dance class it’s all about you. You are finally able to let go of everything and just enjoy yourself.

And oh boy, it feels so good.

Lots of my dance girls tell me these dance classes are the highlight of their week and that could be one of the reasons why.


So many people are afraid to start something new as adults. I said it earlier, that I hear things like, “I’m too old for this; I have two left feet; I’m too afraid that I’d look silly; I don’t know anyone” and lots other worries like that on a pretty much daily basis. You can’t imagine yet how your world will change once you begin dance classes. There are so many people to meet, so many memories to make, so many things to learn. It’s like being a child all over again.

Dancing is a whole new world, where everyone just wants to enjoy themselves and everyone has something in common. It’s definitely worth diving into.



We all know that whenever we exercise, endorphins are released which triggers positive feelings. For me personally, dance is the perfect form of exercise to relieve stress and have fun at the same time. It can distract you from the outside world. You get lost in what you’re doing and you forget all about what was worrying you.

I see it every week when my students walk into the studio, they literally leave all their problems outside the door and switch off, so they can fully enjoy an hour full of fun, laughter & exercise. When they’re walking out of our group classes wiping sweat from their foreheads, smiles are all round after having drilled our dance routine for the past hour.

For most of the time they don’t even want to go home 🙂


From my own experience as a dancer and also as a choreographer now, I know each rehearsal, each class, each get together whether for a practice or a lesson feels like a social event. The catch ups before the class and the long chats after the class are just as important for you as the lesson itself. You laugh, you have fun, you bond with all your fellow dancers. You grow closer each class and suddenly you’re surrounded by friends. Friends who like spending time together, who have something in common and who start organizing get togethers even outside the dance studio.

Another positive outcome of taking dance classes is, you become much more attractive on the nights out.
You’re probably thinking how the hell can dance classes make you more attractive on a night out? Well, my answer is: Confidence! Confidence! Confidence!
Most of the time dancing is a part of your nights out and especially at the party everyone loves a bit of dancing. There is nothing more attractive than a confident person who can have fun and enjoy every second on that dance floor.



When starting with lessons, it is very common that the dancers can hardly put two steps together, and even though it can get a bit frustrating at the start, they soon realize it gets easier each time & with each class they learn something new, they see a little progress every time and most importantly they learn its not just about the steps. Once you dance with your heart and put your own ‘feeling’ into the dance, the body will follow.

After a few lessons the steps do come to you, and if your personality was there to begin with, you don’t just dance well, you flourish. For me as a choreographer it is amazing to watch.

Dance lessons teach you to be yourself, and that dancing is about so much more than just a perfect technique.


Our group is full of different personalities from completely different areas of life, different ages, genders, shapes and backgrounds, but yet it is the most perfect group, where everyone supports each other, brings each other up, where everyone can count on each other and considering nobody knew each other at the start, it blows my mind, how walking into that studio for the first time can change your life. You meet new people who can become your close friends. You might find that something what was missing in your life and maybe you didn’t even know about it. You might find something which is just what you need after a long day at work, or you might simply find your tribe.


Well, we all know the importance of exercise and an active lifestyle in general & that it has lots of health benefits, so Im not gonna go into details and bore you with that here, but it is extremely important and everyone should be active, keep fit and healthy & if you can do that all & have fun at the same time, you’re winning!!

So here are my top 7 reasons why I do believe if you like dancing you should definitely take a chance and give it a go.


Vicky x

PS: I’d love to hear your top reasons why you like dancing, feel free to comment below x

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